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OE Germany Shortblocks

Shortblocks are pre-assembled crank drives comprising engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods, plain bearings, pistons, cylinder liners, camshaft, valve tappets, various small parts and optional cylinder heads. With our range of shortblocks you can repair current and well-proven engine ranges from the following manufacturers:

• Mercedes-Benz (OM300, OM400, OM500, OM600, OM900 and OM920 series)

• MTU (183 series)

• MAN (D25, D28 and D08 series)

• Deutz (1013 series)

OE Germany Gas-Shortblocks

The amount of gas engines and combined heat and power plants worldwide
have increased rapidly during the past years. By now, these engines and
aggregates havereached runtimes of several 100.000 km or several
10.000 operation hours.

For upcoming repairs and technical inspections, the replacement of the entire
engine is not implicitly necessary.

OE Germany can provide an alternative. With our range of shortblocks you can
repair current and well-proven MAN engine ranges:

• MAN Gas (E2842 E/LE302/312/322, E2848 LE 322 series)
• MAN Gas (E2876 LE 202/302/TE302, E0836 LE 202 series)


Our shortblocks are assembled according to the guidelines and tolerances of engine manufacturers. We only use quality-tested new parts for our products. They are based on the tried and tested components of OE Germany Handels GmbH including plain bearings and pistons from renowned European producers.

We assemble individual shortblock solutions according to your requirements. We determine the precise engine specifications from your vehicle identification number (VIN) and/or your engine number. Our assembly personnel is highly trained and experienced in engine construction.

Time Savings

Shortblocks guarantee in-time rapid repair solutions. No more time-consuming reconditioning of old parts. No long procurement lead times for all parts which you require for conventional repairs. No annoying searches for used engines or parts. You avoid downtimes. Your engines are up and running again in next to no time and you can redeploy your vehicles and their equipment fast.


Low-wear components, such as oil sumps and manifolds, can always be reused, as well as conventional replacement products such as injection pumps or turbochargers.


Reliable preservation and packaging and customised transport solutions, even international shipment, are part and parcel of our daily business.